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Doctors and Clinics

(in the USA)

There are more than 400 cities listed here with more than 700 offices and clinics that provide abortion.  They are not all equal.  We can help you find a doctor or clinic, but we don't know if they are great or awful.

We would like to help you as much as possible, but if you really want more information about how to find the right clinic or doctor, try The Jenny Jerrome's Top Ten where you can also learn about the procedure, options and birth control.

Clinic Listing

Dallas,  Texas

AAA Healthcare Systems - 972-690-0169
8363 Meadow Rd., Dallas, TX 75231

Aaron Women's Health Center - 972-385-1333
6546 L.B.J. FWY # 200, Dallas, TX 75240

Abortion Advantage-Dr. Robinson - 214-630-3333
1929 Record Crossing Rd., Dallas, TX 75235

Fairmont Center - 214-742-9310
2921 Fairmont St., Dallas, TX 75201

Planned Parenthood - 214-373-1868
7424 Greenville Ave. # 211, Dallas, TX 75231

Routh Street Women's Clinic - 214-748-8611
4321 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75235